al-550s-1 Kopie
TEACs AL550S automatically print large numbers of CD/DVD or Blu-ray™ media with an advanced robotics mechanism used to transport discs from the input bins, to the integrated TEAC printer, and then to the output bins. Configured with the TEAC P-55, the world’s only dye sublimation disc printer, the autoprinter systems offer the highest print image quality available with the fastest print speeds! It prints up to 68 discs an hour. That is the fastest today! Customers can print 500 discs unattended in an overnight eight hour shift. In addition, up to 8 autoprinter systems can be operated from one PC at the same time.
Exclusive VersaMax ribbon for the P-55 disc printer provides the widest media compatibility, and therefore, lowest cost-perprinted disc for customers. Customers can print on most media available in the market.


  • Prints 500 CD/DVD or Blu-ray™ discs unattended
  • Media: 12cm/8cm* CD/DVD and 12cm Blu-ray™ Discs
  • *Optional Carousel for 8cm Media: Capacity 330 Discs
  • Highest print quality and fastest print speeds!
  • The only four-color CMYK disc printer that offers “True-Black”
  • Easy setup – no robotics software needed to interface with a computer.
  • Robust robotics for accurate pickup.
  • STICKY DISC mode separates discs that stick together.
  • LCD touchpad to allow for setup and diagnostics directly on the unit.




  • Duplicator
    Power requirements: 110v / 220v Auto Switch
    Power supply: 100W
    Temperature: 5-35 °C
    Humidity: 20%-80% non-condensing
    Weight: 19 kg (Autoloader) + 22 kg (printer)
    Supported operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7


  • Printer
    Model: TEAC P-55 Printing
    Method: thermical dye sublimation printing
    Ribbon capacity: 500 images/ribbon (color)
    Print resolution: 400 dpi
    Dimensions: 302 x 242 x 390 mm