The AL-R8500 Duplicator series contains next to the stand-alone operation a network feature with 8 recorders and a capacity of 550 discs! This robust designed industry-robot with an easy to use, but powerful Wb-Browser user interface is the ideal solution for crating CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray (otional) media, while the operation is performed from your desktop. Because the system is run by a Java capable Web-Browser, it is platform independent with no need to install Client-Software. The use of the system is also possible in Stand-Alone Mode with the built-in LCD-Touchpad. You need no separate monitor, mouse or keyboard. Disc images can be named and stored on the internal HDD of the system and are directly available upon start of a new job. All AL-R systems contain a batch-mode Function, which makes independent copies of different master media possible.



  • 8 recorder
  • 550 discs capacity
  • 18x DVD / 48x CD industrial recorder
  • LCD Touchpad for Stand-Alone use and easy diagnose
  • small dimensions – fits on every desktop
  • internal HDD
  • automatic media and format recognition
  • gigabit network adapter
  • TruNet LX user interface – no client software needed
  • email notifications system





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