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Durager-620UV-FV 2More than a decade experience in quality and innovation. With the Durager-620-UH-FV you can print on various materials like acrylic, ceramic, glass, leather, metall, plastic, stone and wood. Unbelievable embossing effect with solid UV Ink, user friendly RIP software with many functions, exact height detection of media, robust quality and easy maintenance.

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  • Superior printing quality
  • high resolution – up to 5760dpi
  • Unbelievable embossing effect
  • precise automatic height detection of media
  • user friendly and easy maintenance
  • best price for best quality with DURAFO UV Inks

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Max. printing area: A3+ 297mm x 600mm (12′ x 24′
Max. substrate height: A3+ 330mm x 700mm (13′ x 28′)
max substrate weight: 10kg
media height: 140mm (5’5″)
resolution/speed: 720x720dpi/1m 30s (bidirectional)

1440x1440dpi/5m 15s (bidirekcional)

2880x1440dpi/10m 25s (bidirectional)

Max. dpi: up to 5760 x 1440
colors: B, C, M, Y, W, SW, V
Printer system
Anzahl Printing Head: 1
 Printing Head Type: Micro Piezo Head
 dot size 1,5pl
 UV lamps 1
 LED-hardening 23W/m²
Ink 200ml Pack
Ink type Hard Type or Flexible Type

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